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Systancia is a recognized European software vendor in virtualization, security, and digital confidence, offering the next generation of application delivery infrastructure,focused on users and security: SBC and VDI, external access security, Privileged Access Management (PAM), SSO and Identity and Access Management (IAM). Leveraging innovationas a growth engine, Systancia relies on the technological value of its products and the proximity between its teams and its customers to meet the needs of users, enabling it to achieve 98% customer satisfaction. Systancia benefits from a real recognition, proved by the “Qualification” that ANSSI delivered to its cybersecurity solution, which makes that solution the only solution that the national agency for IT security recommends for identification, authentication and access control.

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ValueData Technologies is the Value Added Distributor for Actifio in India and South Asia.

Actifio virtualizes the data that’s the lifeblood of businesses in 36 countries around the world. Its Virtual Data Pipeline ™ technology decouples data from infrastructure, accelerating business resiliency, agility, and access to the cloud while reducing cost and operational complexity. A radically simple approach to data management lets customers capture application data easily, manage it economically, and use it when and where they need it to ensure business continuity, control access, and develop new applications and insights faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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ValueData Technologies is the Converge Partner in MapR’s Converge Partner Program.

MapR provides the industry’s only converged data platform that integrates the power of Hadoop and Spark with global event streaming, real-time database capabilities, and enterprise storage, enabling customers to harness the enormous power of their data. Organizations with the most demanding production needs, including sub-second response for fraud prevention, secure and highly available data-driven insights for better healthcare, petabyte analysis for threat detection, and integrated operational and analytic processing for improved customer experiences, run on MapR. A majority of customers achieve payback in fewer than 12 months and realizes greater than 5X ROI. MapR ensures customer success through world-class professional services and with free on-demand training that 50,000 developers, data analysts, and administrators have used to close the big data skills gap. Amazon, Cisco, Google, HPE, Microsoft, SAP, and Teradata are part of the worldwide MapR partner ecosystem. Investors include Google Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund, NEA, Qualcomm Ventures and Redpoint Ventures.

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Syncsort is the global leader in Big Iron to Big Data software. We organize data everywhere, to keep the world working – the same data that powers machine learning, AI, and predictive analytics. We use our decades of experience so that more than 7,000 customers, including 84 of the Fortune 100, can quickly extract value from their critical data anytime, anywhere. Our products provide a simple way to optimize, assure, integrate, and advance data, helping to solve for the present and prepare for the future. Learn more at www.syncsort.com



The pace and competitiveness of global commerce require a flexible and resilient IT infrastructure. Any downtime can have serious repercussions for your organization’s profitability, reputation, and revenue. Achieving the level of high availability required to support mission-critical systems puts increased demands on IT and data center professionals.

Carbonite Availability Powered by Double-Take is a proven, simple and scalable high availability and disaster recovery software solution. Real-time, sequential, asynchronous, byte-level replication efficiently and securely replicates entire servers or select data to another server located anywhere—even in the cloud—so your business can quickly and easily recover from an outage. Network independence and bandwidth efficiency allow Carbonite Availability to be run on any network without the need for dedicated resources or special hardware. Easy to manage and designed to scale to complex server environments, it keeps your business running 24×7. Carbonite Availability software keeps critical business systems available and prevents data loss on Windows and Linux servers. Carbonite’s continuous replication technology is powered by Double-Take, a leader in byte-level replication for over 25 years. The software maintains an up-to-date copy of your operating environment without taxing the primary system or network bandwidth. With Carbonite high availability solutions, you get, push-button failover, near zero downtime and virtually no data loss.

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Ensure DR

High Availability tools and replication tools are designed to deliver efficient and reliable data replication and failover capabilities. AHA/DR system comprising of a source or target work in an Active and Standby relation. The Standby systems are often required to be tested for smooth operation. Test a large number of system environments comprising of operating systems, networks, applications followed by success and exception reporting often is highly resource consuming activity performed at non-peak business hours within limited maintenance windows.

EnsureDR was built as a complementary solution for Double-Take, Zerto, and SRM. The software helps make sure that the servers that are replicated to a Disaster Recovery site with Double-Take will work in any actual disaster scenario. EnsureDR automatically tests the replicated servers in the DR site in an isolated environment. By reading the report that is periodically sent to their mailboxes, the IT staff members can easily detect and proactively solve problems that could prevent an actual DR process to fully succeed.

Moreover, should an actual disaster occur, EnsureDR is able to perform an actual failover to the DR site, with the same settings configured for test failover.

EnsureDR® is disaster-recovery, industry-leading software to secure high availability and allow businesses to verify and automate their Disaster Recovery site. From now on, as an IT manager, you do not need to perform a period DR test, which is time-consuming and risky. Instead, you now have a tool to do this for you! Amazing! On top of this, you rest-assured knowing that your DR will work with any scenario, reducing work time, saving money, keeping abreast of DR problems and maintaining your peace of mind.

EnsureDR empowers businesses to expand their DR usage, scale-up the current DR infrastructure with confidence, redefine availability and simplify the fail-over procedure. The result is a highly accessible, resilient, on-demand infrastructure that provides the ideal foundation for any DR environment.

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