Automated DR Testing

Automated Dr Testing

Businesses today rely on their IT infrastructures for maintaining their communications, processes and the relationships with customers and partners. Most critical resources are usually replicated to a remote disaster recovery (DR) site so that in case of a disaster such as an outage, fire, natural event or any other scenario, they are able to service requests from a Disaster Recovery site with minimal disruption. Even though High Availability & Replication tools are extremely dependable, you want to be absolutely sure that, in the event of a malfunctioning of a single server or an entire data center, the replicated resources are ready to serve the business requests: servers can start, applications can run properly, data integrity is maintained, and so on. To make sure that the HA and replication solutions will work as expected, the IT staff performs DR tests every few months and simulates the workload startup on the DR site. In this test, they discover most of the issues that could prevent a smooth transition from production to DR. The tests are manual and in most cases, they take time to prepare, run and fix discovered issues followed by reporting. Also, these tests being held periodically and thus resource dependent sometimes doesn’t happen at all. That puts the DR solution at risk since you cannot be sure that your DR site will work as planned at the time of crisis. ValueData technologies offer a simple effective management tool that helps make sure that the servers that are replicated to a Disaster Recovery site will work in any actual disaster scenario. You will be able to automatically tests the replicated servers in the DR site in an isolated environment. By reading the report that is periodically sent to their mailboxes, the IT staff members can easily detect and proactively solve problems that could prevent the success of an actual DR process. Should an actual disaster occur, you will be able to perform an actual failover to the DR site, with confidence and preparedness.