Complementing Our Main Offerings ValueData Technologies Solution Include

  • Security Solutions on NextGen Networks & Application Firewall, NextGen Threat Prevention, Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Cloud Solutions on Workload Migration, Backup, Disaster Recovery and Infrastructure Provisioning.

Design And Implement Our Solutions And Offerings

ValueData Technologies will ensure all our design’s to be robust, flexible, scalable and system-agnostic for all our Data Infrastructure, Data Management & Protection, and Business Continuity Solutions. This will include technical and operational design, development, testing and implementation of an initial, scalable, proof-of-concept that will allow numerous, separate and complex IT Systems to share data and store data in a centralized location. ValueData Technologies will duly avoid reliance on proprietary technology and will ensure the proposed solution will optimize investment by avoiding and mitigating the risk of obsolescence, technology lock-ins & lock-outs, ensure low maintenance costs by providing industry accepted open source components which may include hybrid solutions seamlessly integrated with industry recognized best-in-class practices. ValueData Technologies will address concerns of security and resilience of the proposed solution and ensure its operation in a stable business environment on established principles of Continuity of Business Operations and Disaster Recovery.

ValueData Technologies Scope Of Services

  1. Document existing system architectures
  2. Design a comprehensive and scalable model and develop a prototype based on the architecture design and logical business intelligence to meet future business growth and demands on data.
  3. Demonstrate and test the proposed model.
  4. Install, Implement, Integrate and migrate the solution to the customer environment and conduct the required test to confirm the solution is operational as per defined Scope.
  5. Train the end customer team on the solution technology on operational areas, delivery, administration, maintenance including Knowledge Transfer.
  6. Maintain and support the solution with defined warranties during the contract period and thereafter through Maintenance Contracts.
  7. Manage the entire solution-based Project Management methodologies working closely with the client during the entire phase of design, development, execution and final delivery. This will include a comprehensive Project Management Plan, Periodic Checkpoints and Reviews, Feedbacks and Corrective Actions and Continuous Provision of knowledge on the subject in consideration.

Tape Management

Handling data retrieval requests from Tape is not as easy as it may sound. Quite often businesses have to respond to litigation requests for producing data that was backed up and archived on older tapes. At times enterprises require archived data for data mining and machine learning. With the risk of technology obsolescence, operation errors and lack of processes there are challenges in retrieving data from tapes. That is why we are here to help with tape management solutions such as restoration, retrieval, and cataloging services with expertise from a host of partners specialized in the retrieval of archival data.