Data Management & Protection



To include Back Up and Recovery Management of Data critical to every business environment today. In the world of Data To Value, we believe that data backup and recovery is no longer a Nice-to-Have but rather a Must Have business requirement. Every organization needs vary based on diversity of data and IT environments. Keeping up with the surge of data and the new paradigm of Big Data, Backup and Recovery Management will need modern processes not only to ensure data availability but availability with minimum time and cost. ValueData Technologies will deliver value offerings from our strategic alliances and partnership in the NextGen of Data Backup covering varied platforms of – physical servers including Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, HPUX – Applications including Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint, SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite – Databases including Microsoft SQL and Oracle – Virtualization Platforms including VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Amazon AWS. The modern backup solution will ensure to minimize the backup and recovery window, reduce the impact on the application and the production environment, improve storage efficiency and address your compliance requirements for a post point-in-time data. The solution thus ensures data resilience of your business needs, be it backup, snapshot, DR, and test or development with enterprise-class performance and scalability.