Big Data & Analytics



ValueData Technologies will help you to build your Big Data ecosystem leveraging on your existing data and IT Infrastructure. Our Converged Data Platform enables direct processing helping you unleash greater value from all your data in less time. Convergence offers a streamlined highly available, fault-tolerant architecture that enables real-time insights, a consistent security framework across computing engines, higher resource utilization, and reduced administrative overhead. ValueData Technologies will help you design a robust, flexible scalable, system-agnostic data infrastructure to ingest, store and export the variety of rapidly growing data generated from multiple sources. To ensure robustness of the Big Data infrastructure our offerings include open source data management and analytics technologies on Relational and Non-Relational Database Management Systems and Stores. This will include technical and operational design, development, testing and implementation of an initial, scalable, proof-of-concept data repository and analytics infrastructure that will allow numerous, separate and complex IT Systems to share data and store data in a centralized location. The design will further include a logical Data Warehouse based on logical business intelligence architecture. ValueData Technologies will demonstrate and test the proposed data infrastructure model, leverage Relational Data Warehouse solutions, Massive Parallel Processing Solutions, NoSQL Solutions, Data Lake Solutions, along with Graphical Database Solutions